There has been critical praise for Jorge Navarro Colorado in his debut with English Touring Opera singing the title role in Carissimi’s Jonas.

For The Guardian, Tim Ashley writes “It is deeply touching and Jorge Navarro Colorado sings Jonas’s great prayer with beauty and sincerity.”

For Sam Smith at Music OMH, “Jorge Navarro Colorado stands out, in particular, in the tile role.” 

For George Hall at Opera Now, “Jorge Navarro Colorado proves strikingly eloquent in the eponymous role of the Old Testament prophet...”

For The Spectator, Alexandra Coghlan praises “a strong central performance by Jorge Navarro Colorado.,..”

For The Times, Rebecca Franks writes “Just as Dido sings her great lament, Jonas prays for forgiveness, and the fervent devotion of the tenor Jorge Navarro Colorado feels genuine.”

Jonas plays in a triple bill with I Will Not Speak (staged madrigals by Gesualdo) and Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas until 22 November.