Congratulations to Jennifer France who made a triumphant debut at the Salzburg Festival last month singing Pascal Dusapin's Medamaterial with Vocalconsort Berlin and the Akademie für Alte Musik conducted by Franck Ollu.
For Larissa Schütz at Austria Presse Agentur, Larissa Schütz, “The secret weapon in this thrilling evening was Jennifer France. In addition to her aptitude for contemporary music, the soprano is also known for her acting qualities, skilfully deployed during the short of hour of this performance, sometimes in monologue (spoken as well as sung), sometimes in dialogue with the chorus and speakers.” For Gottfried Frank Kasparek at Drehpunktkultur,
“Jennifer France meets the demands of this extremely difficult role with dedication, a seemingly effortless coloratura soprano and also suitably expressive facial expressions. As far as possible, within a concert environment, she presents, rather than a fury, a deeply wounded woman drifting in to madness.” For Walter Weidringer at Die Presse, “Dusapin pushes his protagonist again and again up to the high E in her painful arabesques, which is far from child’s play, but the famous soprano Jennifer France masters this brilliantly. She stammers, cries and whines, or even, taken aback, speaks, her slight accent appropriate for a character who is a stranger: hurrah for a short but intense evening.” For Karl Harb at Salzburger Nachrichten, “Whether pushing her brightly projecting voice to stratospheric heights, or engaging in darkly whispered speaking passages, Jennifer France delineates the stages of her journey from thought to action, from indictment to insanity, from anger to despair, depending on her state of mind, even sometimes retreating in to silence. Even in a concert performance, one always felt that one was in a theatre.” (Photographer: Marco Borrelli)